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A Little Background...

In the 1800s, Presbyterian missionaries introduced the art of quilt-making to the tribes on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation which is located on the Northern Plains of Montana. According to tribal historians, star quilts were used as a symbolic replacement of the buffalo robes which were quickly disappearing due to over-hunting. Native American women made the craft of quilt making their own by using colors and designs that were traditional to them. Read more about that history here.
I grew up on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation where I would see beautiful, hand-stitched and hand-quilted Star quilts being given away at basketball tournaments and other events as a sign of honor. I loved watching these giveaways and appreciated the beauty of the quilts long before the thought of sewing entered my mind.

The purpose of this pattern is to make a patchwork Lone Star by using what you already have. It is perfect for using remaining fabric from Fat Quarters, Fat Eighths, 1/4 yd cuts, or yardage from prior projects. This patchwork Lone Star can also be made with Jelly Roll strips. I recommend at least 8 different fabrics to achieve the patchwork look. I also give direction for using much smaller scraps in this quilt.

I made 3 Patchwork Lone Star quilts and I already am thinking about the future versions I want to make. I have a Ruby Star Society Warp and Weft version with scraps from prior projects, a version in greens using small scraps I've had for years, and a third version using a variety of prints which includes fabric from my very first quilt I made over 10 years ago. It is so special to use fabrics from previous projects. I love thinking about those quilts and what was going on in my life at that time. I'm working on hand-quilting that one for my daughter's bed. 

$5 from the sale of each pattern will be donated to the Fort Peck Community Colleges Star Quilt Techniques course in the hopes that the tradition of star quilt making will continue for generations. The Fort Peck Community College is located on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Poplar and Wolf Point, Montana.

Read more about that here.


Warp & Weft Version

Scrappy in Green

Scrappy in Multi-Color

Get the pattern here. Happy sewing!

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I am looking for Native American Lone Star with Indian Chief in center quilt pattern

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