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I just want to say that I’m obsessed with this
pattern!! This pattern series of yours has been my first ever experience with
Lone Star quilts and I am a full convert. I particularly appreciate that you
chose to break the pattern down in such a way that a quilter can fully “choose
your own adventure” in regards to design/color choice.

a Not Alone Star quilt pattern tester

I’m OBSESSED with the way my quilt came out. You don’t notice the small imperfections when it comes together completely. Overall, the directions are very easy to follow and it surprisingly didn’t take too long to put together. It was especially fast once the diamond blocks were made, piecing the quilt top took a day.

a Big Sky Star quilt pattern tester

Just like your previous patterns, this was well-written and provided concise, thorough diagrams and details to help make sure the star points all aligned well! I feel like the directions make it seem like a really easy pattern and it provides a really fun process to make the quilt and see the star come together!

a Commonwealth Star quilt pattern tester

Seriously - wow. I love this pattern and I’m so happy you asked me to test for you. It’s a really great take on something that is super classic but also very un-explored – I don’t think I’ve seen anyone try to “update” or augment the lone star quilt and I’m really glad you did because I love this quilt.

a Big Sky Star quilt pattern tester

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