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Big Sky Star Quilt - Tester Versions

Big Sky Star Quilt - Tester Versions

Quilt pattern testers make the quilt world go round and I had especially good ones test the Big Sky Star pattern. 

Two Color Version

Three of my testers made the 2 Color version and it's amazing to see the differences of the three.

First up - Kim. I was thrilled to have Kim test the Big Sky Star because she makes beautiful Lone Star quilts so I knew she would have especially good feedback. 

Instagram: @kim_konen


Next up - Genna. Genna not only makes beautiful quilts but her quilt photos are so amazing. Her Instagram is one definitely worth following for quilt inspiration and beautiful scenery. I love the dark background that Genna used - it made the star pop!

Instagram: @wetmountainquiltco


Finally - KayLa. KayLa's beautiful version uses diamonds of alternating colors of Kona Snow and Kona Ice Peach which creates a completely different look than the first 2 versions. The pattern explains how to create each of these variations.

Instagram: @kayla_hardy_


 Seven Color Version

Kendra made a beautiful variation of the 7 Color version for her Big Sky Star quilt. She runs an online fabric shop with all the Kona colors you could ever want so she used these beautiful shades of oranges/reds. She has this kit available in her shop here if you want to make the same version.

Instagram: @piecefabricco


Twelve Color Versions

The rest of my testers made the 12 Color version. Each one is so unique!

Kaylee made an amazing Big Sky Star quilt from Rifle Paper Co basics, Manchester yarn dyed metallic linens, and other beautiful wovens. I also love the dark background she used!

Instagram: @kaylee_quilts


Syd also made a beautiful version with lots of blues! And those quilt photos are so amazing!

Instagram: @squilting

Ashley made a lovely Christmas version from Cotton and Steel. It's so cheery!

Instagram: @bluelilacquilts


And last but not least - Emma! Her colorful, scrappy version is SO cheery and bright. I love how it looks like there is movement in the quilt.

Instagram: @emmas_crafternoons

I am so grateful for each of these talented ladies and their valuable feedback for my first pattern!

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