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Big Sky Star QAL Details

Big Sky Star QAL Details
I am so excited to sew along with a community of quilters to make the Big Sky Star quilt. 
Keep scrolling for all the details on the schedule and sponsors.

About the Big Sky Star Quilt

The Big Sky Star Quilt is a variation of the classic Lone Star design. My inspiration for this quilt design goes way back to growing up on the northern Plains of Montana on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation. Hand pieced and quilted Lone Star quilts are given away at various events from ceremonies to high school basketball tournaments. I loved watching these giveaways and appreciated the beauty of these heirlooms even before I even thought about sewing or quilting.

Fast forward to when I began to make quilts of my own, the Lone Star became my favorite quilt to make. The challenge of the angles and diamonds makes finishing the quilt that much more satisfying. I came up with the idea to add more diamond sections to the Lone Star design last summer and was so excited to see the design in my head start to take shape with lots of trial and error. The Big Sky Star is the end result of that trial and error and I have been so excited to see so many beautiful versions come to life since the pattern was released in January.

There are so many color options and variation possibilities for the Big Sky Star quilt. The pattern is written with 4 color options but each can be made unique by color and diamond placement.

This is an Intermediate quilt pattern because it requires a consistent 1/4" seam, cutting and sewing accurately on a bias, and precision with matching the diamond points. Throughout the QAL, I will be providing additional guidance and tips on Instagram and the weekly newsletter in order for you to gain confidence and feel the accomplishment of finishing your own Big Sky Star quilt.


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QAL Dates: Monday, April 5th through Sunday, June 6th

Duration: 9 weeks

Quilt Size: 85" x 85"


Week 1: I will explain how I created my semi-scrappy Warp & Weft version and I will show several examples of the other color versions in the pattern and walk you through details of each.

Week 2: We will cut all the fabric and will group strips together.

Week 3: We will start sewing! Yay! We will sew all strip sets together this week.

Week 4: This week we will cut the diamond strips. I will demonstrate how I do this and the importance of slowing down to be precise during this step. I will also demonstrate how to mark your diamond strips so when we start sewing the diamond strips together we will achieve perfect points.

Week 5: We will start sewing our diamond strips together into diamond units this week. Again, I will demonstrate how to do this in order to use your seam ripper as little as possible!

Week 6: We will continue to sew diamond units.

Week 7: We will start sewing our diamonds together. This is where you will really begin to see your star take shape. I love this part!

Week 8: We will continue to sew the diamonds together as well as the background pieces.

Week 9: My favorite part! You will FINISH YOUR BIG SKY STAR QUILT TOP THIS WEEK! You will be able to step back and admire your hard work and feel a great sense of accomplishment.. you did it!


I am so excited about all the wonderful sponsors for the Big Sky Star QAL:


Then Came June

Jennifer Sampou

Lamb & Loom

Piece Fabric Co

Fabric Bubb

Piper Autumn Designs


Hard Rock Woodworks

The Homebody Company

Noodle and Bee


Crinkly Quilts

Lavender Fields Company

To be entered to win the prize each week, you will need to post a photo to Instagram from a prompt given in the weekly QAL newsletter. The photo will need to be posted from Monday through Sunday of that specific week with the hashtag #bigskystarqal. If you have a private account, please send me a DM on Instagram with a screenshot of your post to be entered. 


The Week 9 Grand Prize will go to TWO lucky winners. Crinkly Quilts and Lavender Fields Company are both offering FREE LONGARM QUILTING!

In addition, ALL participants will receive 20% off longarm quilting by Crinkly Quilts! Quilts will need to be sent in by September 1st, 2021 to receive this discount.

Plan Ahead

Get your PDF or Printed Big Sky Star Pattern


I look forward to sewing along with you!

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Julie Kudrna

Julie Kudrna

I have instructions/blog posts for week 4 and 5 of the quilt-along. Where do I find the earlier weeks please? Thank you!

Alleta Baltes

Alleta Baltes

Started sewing the strips together today! Exciting. Loving forward to you showing us the cutting & marking. What fun! Always wanted to make a lonestar type quilt! Love your pattern!



I’ve manyo vet two or three more friends to join along!!



I’m so excited. Just saw this on IG and had to jump in. It will be my official second QAL and quilt. I am a newbie and excited already about this pattern😊.

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